Axiom Legal Financing Fund – in Receivership, a segregated portfolio of JP SPC 1 (the Feeder Fund) and Axiom Legal Financing Fund Master SP – in Receivership, a segregated portfolio of JP SPC 4 (the Master Fund)

Pursuant to an Order of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands made on 12 February 2013, the Funds were placed into Receivership.

Hugh Dickson and Michael Saville of Grant Thornton Specialist Services (Cayman) Limited and James Earp of Grant Thornton UK LLP, were appointed Joint Receivers of the Portfolio. James Earp retired on 31 May 2013 and accordingly, Hugh Dickson and Michael Saville remain the Join Receivers of the Funds.

This web site is being maintained by the Receivers in order to provide registered investors and those who have been provided with the requisite authority, with information and updates with regard to the progress of the Receiverships. The Receivers shall also endeavour to upload any information relevant to the Funds' affairs and which becomes known to them through publicly available information.

The web site is only intended for registered shareholders of the Funds and those who have been provided with authority to view the same. It contains confidential information which must not be distributed to any individual or body without the express written consent of the Receivers.

By logging in, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. you will not disclose any information contained on this web site to any other person or body, other than your appointed advisor(s);
  2. the information provided on this web site will only be used to keep yourself informed with respect to your investment in the Funds;
  3. that you will not disclose your individual user name and password to any third party. You understand that, should your user name and password be disclosed and used by any other person, the Receivers will disable your user name and password and you will no longer be entitled to any further information provided by the Receivers, via the web site, email or otherwise.

If harm is caused by your unapproved disclosure of the information contained herein, further action may also be taken against you at the discretion of the Receivers.